Declined Loan Applications

”I need a loan but keep getting declined”


Has your loan application been declined? There are many reasons that may make you consider applying for a loan including debt consolidation, educational expenses, or vehicle purchase. However, one of the problems that many people succumb to is getting rejected everywhere they go to apply for a loan. So what do you do when you need a loan but keep getting rejected? If you are facing a similar situations here are some steps that help cater a successful loan application.

1. Find out why you were declined

Lenders cannot refuse to give out loans with no reason attached. Therefore, when a lender declines your loan request, you should first understand your financial position so that you can try to improve it before going out to seek another lender. Some reasons why a lender can reject your loan application include:

Low income: A loan lender needs to be sure that you can easily make the repayments of the loan in it’s entirety. One of the ways they can determine this is by looking at your current income and relating it to the expected loan payments.

Evidence of a regular income: There are instances whereby someone may be employed but has no evidence of a regular income. In this case, the lender assumes that he or she is unemployed and denies them the loan.

Too much debt: Lenders also considers how much debt a person already has before they can offer them a loan. In case they find that you are already struggling with a lot of debts, they are more likely to deny you the loan.

Adverse credit score: Your credit score is an indication of your credit worthiness to a loan lender. When you have a lower credit score, it shows the lender that you are not safe to lend to or cannot be trusted to keep up with the loan repayments.

Gambling: Loan lenders consider gambling as an irresponsible thing to do with your cash. Therefore, a lender can deny your loan request when they check as your statements and discover that you have made some payments to gambling sites.

2. Build up your credit and re-apply

Once you have discovered why your loan application was declined, the best thing to do is seek professional help of credit counsellors. A credit counsellor will analyse your current financial position and advise you on the best ways to improve your credit for you to be able to qualify for a loan.

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Financial Trends in the UK highlighting Loans for Bad Credit in the UK

Everybody may experience dire financial situations from time to time no matter how strong efforts are given to prevent the disastrous consequence. However, not everyone or every loan issuer will consider the reason that made all this happen, from an advantageous point of view. As soon as the fact is detected that the applicant is with bad credit score, his/her name is removed from the preference list of the loan issuer. This usually occurs not just due to the inability of an applicant to show a good credit status but, because of the incapacity of the lenders as they can’t cover diversified schemes for people with variety of credit histories. They just become reluctant to sanction loans for such people only because they don’t know how to make a business by means of helping them and at the same time benefiting by using them. Loans for Bad Credit in the UK are aiming to provide reasonable monetary help to people with poor or even worsened credit records only because they know that the return will be simply excellent. Loans of various categories are offered by them and people chose ones according to how those schemes suit their needs.

The entrepreneurial wisdom and spirit is not limited ever with the capability of gaining cash. The idea of great business may even be started by helping people, who have much lowered credit score. Of course, this should not be a gift to people, who don’t even have the eligibility of handling big cash loan but, it surely would be an opportunity for financially struggling people who still have the commitments and are dedicated to proving their ability. The way people make use of such opportunities are interesting- from the viewpoint that they are recovering their financial disasters in order to mainly meet their dreams, not the lender’s dream although a lender also benefits as soon as the borrower’s dream is done. UK’s financial environment always seems to offer opportunities for mass people, especially whenever people are courageous to go for striving to get rid of their misfortune. Loans for Bad Credit from creditpoor in the UK are the examples of such growingly accepted financial trends that changed the way people usually think. Depending on the type of schemes that one gets interested in, the interest rate might slightly vary; other than that these loans are the miraculous opportunity for poor credit holders. Exemplarily, many people re-established their credit records only by means of availing such opportunities.

Moreover, there are individuals who don’t even have anything to place as the security of the loans; hence, there are loan products that also consider them as eligible for loans. The only thing the lenders ensure to get proper repayments is that they either verify the regular income of an applicant, or ask him/her to manage someone with good credit records to take the responsibility of funds by making sure the repayment will be done even in case of the failure of the borrower. Such loans undoubtedly prioritize the future of the borrower instead of taking his/her past into account.